Terminus – A world of ice and darkness

Terminus is a world where time has lost nearly all meaning, with a history so long that even the Gods do not always remember its complete past. Many aeons ago, in the First Age, the Age of Creation, the Gods and Titans came together to try to form the ideal world: Lush forests and ice-peaked mountains, burning deserts and overgrown jungles. But the world was doomed, even though the races living there – the gnomes, the elves, and the halflings – did not yet know it.

The pact between the Gods and the Titans was broken. Treachery was spoken of on both sides. And so the Gods and the Titans battled. During the Second Age, the Age of War, many races were called into being by both the Gods and the elements. Orcs and trolls were sent into battle against the elementals and the dwarves. When they died, they were raised again as revenants to fight the giants. The celestial war was fought to a stalemate, but for Terminus it had already had an effect.

When the long war was finally over, most of the old races were devastated. New races came into being as the Gods and the Titans rebuilt the world during an uneasy truce. Man was born of both, as a sort of recompense for the wounds that had been laid on the world. Being of both heritages, they soon outnumbered the old, dying races. The Third Age, was indeed the Age of Man. However, not all was as it should have been.

During the war, the world of Terminus had been flung on a course away from the rest of the planes. It was not noticeable for many centuries, but after a time, it was noted that fire spells and light spells seemed to be waning. The Fourth Age, The Age of Death, saw the end of the old races. Only the humans were able to eke out an existence in the oncoming frost.

The Fifth Age, the Age of Ice, is upon Terminus. There are legends that the Gods, or perhaps the Titans, possibly both, have laid out plans to retrieve the wold of Terminus from the far reaches of the cosmos, and bring it back to its rightful place, but those are only legends. For the people of Terminus, life is hard. The constant wind and rain, ice and snow, mean that life is an unforgiving mistress. One mistake on the ice plains could mean death in a crevasse. The first slip could be the last.


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