Sven Grey

Winter-raised Raven Queen idolizer with a faerie complex.


Level 1 Human Paladin with the Druid Multiclass feat, specializing in sword and board combat.


Sven Grey
Paladin / Druid

His parents perished in a harsh winter, Sven was raised by old men and grew up with the customs and habits of old men. Their stories shaped his youth, of which they had many, having been men of risk and adventure. In his favorite stories a comrade goes to learn the Queen’s Name to save others from learning it too soon. When the last of their weak bones were Cairned in the Ice, and they all knew Her name, he set out to find the villains of their tales who remained and teach them Her name his self.

Old Fashioned.
When Sven was taken in by the siren’s call of a nymph, he would not be denied her hand in marriage. After performing a number of challenging tasks to her satisfaction, and no longer able to politely deny the dashing youth his due, she accepted and became the wife of a man of the Queen. Being a fey creature she needs little, and their lives are led separately for the most part. However on cold nights she can be found warming her husband’s bed cot, and they often consult with each other on difficult matters. For him she is a flag in the storm, for her he is an enigma and amusement. For each other they are advisers, trustees, and lovers.
It’s through this relationship that Sven has recently and much to his surprise gained the ability to transform into natural and fey creatures, an ability he finds natural but concerning. She intends to help him master these talents…when and if it suits her.

The fey world is less amused by the unlikely marriage and often their ire or angst comes out in the form of assassination attempts against either or both of them. As if these enemy incursions weren’t enough, men whom now seek the playful nymph’s attentions are informed politely that while her husband still lives she is bound to him alone…and so Sven is often the target of his wife’s would-be flings as well as their own detractors.

Sven Grey

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