Blackvale is a long-established fishing and mining settlement on the north shore of the Cael. The town is built at the end of a bay, with residential and commercial areas up in the steep hills leading away from the quayside. Blackvale was originally a mining colony of Sandviken, but they rejected Sandviken’s rule, and joined the expanding Tynwald of Evenshore.



  • Climate: Sparse Coastal Forest
  • Average Temperature: -1 Celsius
  • Terrain: Rocky hills, shale face.
  • Elevation: 20m-800m


  • Population: 935
  • Ethnic groups: 85% Caelviken, 10% Windrunner, 5% Other
  • Religions: Mixed, primarily Moradin.


  • Agricultural products: Sparse trees for fuel wood, most food is imported from other areas, most notably Mederi and Mossbank.
  • Natural resources: Gold, silver, copper, thorium.
  • Notable Industries: Mining, smelting.


Terminus Atarax