Mostly for my benefit when naming places, but feel free to browse and suggest!

Ae [ay∙ə]: South. – ael, Aeltorus.

Al [ahl]: This place. With ken, city. – e.g. Stalassokalven.

Cae [kay∙ə]: North. – e.g. Caelanthrus.

El [el]: Ocean. – e.g. ael, cael.

Geoto [jee∙oh∙toh]: Mountain. – e.g. Geotakalven.

Tere [tehr]: Earth. – e.g. Interken.

In [in]: West – e.g. Invernë Links.

Ken [kin]: Person, people. With al, city. – e.g. Stalassokalven.

Ner [Nehr]: Between – e.g. Invernë Links.

Stalas [stah∙lus]: Under – e.g. Stalassokalven.

Toroi [tor∙oy]: Plural of torus. – e.g. The Three Toroi.

Torus [tor∙uhs]: Storm. e.g. Aeltorus, Caelanthrus, Revestrus.

Vir [veer]: East. e.g. Revestrus, Sandviken.


Terminus Atarax