Humans (PC Characters)

Humans have long since outlived the older races. However, just as nature always sees to it that niches are filled, so too humans on Terminus has gradually drifted apart, some sturdy and hardy, some more attuned to magic, some lithe and quick. The following races can be used to make characters in the world of Terminus. Any race listed (other than human) loses any racial origins. All races are considered to be human. Feats which specify a racial origin as a prerequisite can still be taken.

Humans can be used for any race listed below, in addition to the core races listed. Deva and Revenant are both available. Deva are characters resurrected by the Gods, and Revenants are characters risen by the Titans. Deva cannot take arcane classes; Revenants cannot take divine classes. Both Deva and Revenant characters can be found in any culture. Shifters as well are more common than they used to be. Occasionally, for whatever reason, someone will wander into the icy wilderness, returning much changed. This means shifters are permanently shifted in a physical manner, but the racial bonuses will still activate; there is simply no outward change. These are perhaps void-touched, but as of yet, no one has been able to make certain.

Each of the following races is presenting in the following format:


Archetypical reference for cultural clues

Description. The reason you might play a human as this culture.

  • Available Core Race (With modifications to existing powers.)


Ancient Viking

The Caelviken are brash and have a tendency to arrogance. This isn’t without cause, though, since they’re the fiercest warriors and hardiest workers in all of Terminus. They follow a harsh code of unforgiving justice, but this makes them all the more formidable. The following races may be used for Caelviken characters. Play a human Caelviken to be a less-than-average warrior, or a runt.

  • Goliath
  • Half-Orc
  • Orc
  • Wilden (Voyage of the Ancients allows a Wilden to shift 3 squares, not teleport. Otherwise the power functions as normal.)


Classical Arabian

Dhaur has long been the home of mysterious energies, The one place on the planet not permanently covered in snow. The people who call Dhaurm home has not been untouched by these energies, someone becoming blended with elemental forces. The following races may be used for Dhaurian characters. Play a human Dhauri to be someone strangely unaffected by the mystical energies surrounding you.

  • Genasi (You may not choose Firesoul or Cindersoul for Elemental Manifestation)
  • Tiefling (Infernal Wrath may deal one of the following types of damage: Acid, Cold, or Lightning. This must be chosen at character creation and may not be changed.


Medieval Russian/Eastern European

The Interkalven were one of the first peoples to leave behind the sea as in grew more and more violent, seeking shelter in the interior mountains. Recently they’ve been expanding a bit, but years of living underground has greatly affected them. The following races may be used for Interkalven characters. Play a human Interkalven to be a slightly ungainly person, not suited for ‘proper’ work.

  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Mul


Renaissance Spain/Portugal

Mederi is home to the largest arcane college on Terminus, and is run by arcanists. Due to the large amount of arcane residue in and around Mederi, most Medians have at least a small aptitude for arcane magic. Divine magic is looked down on slightly, but not prejudicially. Mederi also houses the largest trading guild, part of the cartel responsible for nearly all overland trade. The following races may be used for Median characters. Play a human Median to be someone unaffected by the arcane residues around you.

  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Kalashtar
  • Shadar-kai


Classical Pirate

Windrunners were the last people to change their way of life and even now have not given up the sea, plying numerous routes in between the gigantic stormbanks, or Toroi. The following races may be used for Windrunner characters. Play a human Windrunner to be a character who lacks the nimbleness or skill to sail across the turbulent seas.

  • Drow
  • Eladrin
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf

The Rå are the last vestiges of the Titans on Terminus, and as such, are losing touch slowly with the world, but when they can be found, they’re still a power to be reckoned with. The Rå are divided into 4 courts, the Aelthing, the Cering, the Huldrasa, and the Toriasa. Each is home to a different type of Rå. In times of great crisis, they have been known to gather into a great conclave, known as the Althing, but such has not happened, nor have more than a few Rå even been seen in centuries.


The Aelthing is home to the Sjörå and Vetehinen, both human from the waist up, and like an aquatic creature from the waist down. The Sjörå have lower quarters similar to a dolphin, or shark, and the Vetehinen are more akin to a fish.


The Huldrasa is home to the Skogsrå, lithe spirits that inhabit trees, and the Huldra, which are living trees themselves.


The Cering is home to the Bergsrå, which inhabit stones, and the Kapoacinth, which often appear as beautiful marble, letting themselves be taken by sculptors. They keep the form when the sculptor is finished, either for good or bad, but if its the latter, the sculptor doesn’t often keep his.


The Toriasa is home to the Torii and the Thane. Torii are tiny flying creatures, while Thane are dark shadows in the air. Of the four courts, this court has the least love for humans. There are even legends that the Toriasa has been corrupted by the Void.


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