Tynwald of Evenshore

The Tynwald of Evenshore is a democratic autocracy. The Althing is the ultimate power, but Tynwald is voted in by the people, and each of the three cities of Evenshore, Mossbank Cliffs, and Blackvale have one representative for every 100 people. The Parliament decides matters of military and diplomatic nature, and sets taxes in order to cover the budget set by the Althing. The taxes are set per city, and each city determines the best way to meet the taxes locally. The Tynwald is responsible for the protection of the cities, and there is usually anywhere from two to five ships in any Duchy port.


The capital, and largest settlement in the Tynwald. It wields the most power in the Parliament, but often has to set aside its own views in order to not arouse the ire of the smaller towns, neither of which the Duchy has the manpower to forcibly occupy.

Mossbank Cliffs

Mossbank provides not only intelligence to the Tynwald, but also a large supply of edible lichen, said by some to be the best in the world, and it is certainly nutritious, if not to some people’s taste. Mossbank lichen is a staple for sailors on-board long-traveling ships and merchants in overland sled packs.


Blackvale is home to a large mine, in which gold, silver, copper, and recently even thorium. They are only loosely attached to the Tynwald, but Parliament does try to keep them happy. The Althing wants the precious minerals, and Blackvale wants the money.

Parliament Overview

Evenshore – ? Members
Mossbank Cliffs – ? Members
Blackvale – 9 members

Tynwald of Evenshore

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